Something led me back here
A place I’d been before
A long time since I’d been here
But I recognized your warmth

Down the path I hurried
I know I heard your voice
Pushing past the branches
Not the easy choice

No one came to find me
I’d set out on my own
The path had twists and turns
I wasn’t going home

At times it felt so cold
I felt so all alone
I wasn’t getting anywhere
Still wasn’t going home

Before I knew how far I’d gone
There was no turning back
The trees seemed now familiar
I was picking up the slack

If they come to look for me
I don’t think I’ll be found
I’ve lost myself and this is what
I think that I want now

Don’t know I’ll ever find myself
I hope I’ll make it through
I took this path–and I hope
It leads me back to you