Having a penchant for something can reveal itself at any time or age, even if its something you didn’t necessarily want to do, you can be drawn to it anyway. A penchant of mine that I recently rediscovered is my love for plants and flowers. This is not to say that I love to garden. Where I live gardening is no easy task. The ground is hard, full of shale rock and it is hot, sweaty, dirty, hard work, and if that were not enough, “smack!!!”, it is ridden with my most hated life-form, mosquitos and the occasional biting fly.
Although, I don’t love to garden, I do love the beauty of plants. I love a brand new pretty planter, a couple big bags of potting soil, a gardening trowel and a bunch of my favorite, most colorful flowers and vines. And since we’ll have one beautiful planter, aw hell, why don’t we buy enough for two and have matching ones?!
I don’t know if it’s because it’s an innately human thing to do…dig in the dirt…take pleasure in what is beautiful to the senses…knowing that you are responsible for the care of a living thing. All I know is that I have spent far too much time this Spring and Summer making trips, stops and meandering through the aisles of the garden center in my favorite home improvement stores to the point that my pre-teen daughter refuses to go inside anymore and opts to stay in the car listening to music.