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Fleeting Moments


Part of my weekend was spent talking to a friend about a crisis she recently went through. After hours of talking on my couch, she left. She didn’t need to change how she felt and didn’t need anyone to convince her otherwise, she just needed to have a friend acknowledge her feelings and let her feel the way she feels. Time is fleeting and you can make the most of it, or let it slip away.

What your loved ones need from you


Freedom to be who they are

Listening ears and a loving heart

Ordinary days not filled with expectations

Words they’ll want to remember



When my mother passes, I would like to be able to replace some of her goodness in the world when she is gone. She is wise and kind. Soft spoken and patient. She knows the right thing to say to build someone up, even with only a few words. She doesn’t tear down. I wish I could be more like her. She hopes for the best in people, but is nobody’s fool. Right now I can only observe and try to train myself to be a better person. I will be lost without her, but it will leave only me to fill the hole in my children’s hearts when she passes. When that day comes, I will have to be strong, patient, wise, good. I hope that some of her legacy can live on in me.

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